• Kerry Pope

      President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

      Mr. Pope is a Bay Area veteran and has been CEO of startup companies in multiple market spaces. He founded an imaging distribution company (DiaMed Healthcare); he founded Novare Surgical Systems with Dr. Tom Fogarty (sold to Intuitive Surgical); served as CEO of Viveve Medical (women’s health), and first CEO of Core Mobility Solutions (mobility technology). He also served as Executive Director of Mentoring for the Fogarty Institute for Innovation for five years.

      Prior to his CEO service, Mr. Pope served as sales and marketing leader for multiple companies including Neuroscience (EEG mapping); Vitaphore Corporation (critical care and infection control) acquired by Integra Life Sciences; Intramed Laboratories (Vascular imaging) acquired by Baxter CVG vascular surgery division; Computer Motion (surgical robotics) acquired by Intuitive Surgical.

      Mr. Pope holds a B.S. in Business from the University of Maryland and was awarded a commission in the United States Air Force. He served as a pilot and aircraft commander, rising to the rank of Major. He is also a co-founder and Director of the Bay Area Band of CEOs, a business social club for CEOs of medical device companies in the Silicon Valley/Greater Bay area.

      Ivan Ma

      Director of Operations

      Ivan Ma brings over 15 year of experience in the medical device industry in various leadership and design positions spanning a wide range of medical devices; from single use to complex surgical hardware. Most recently he was a manager of robotic systems at Verb Surgical, at Verily (an Alphabet company) and Ethicon (a Johnson and Johnson company) joint venture, where led various teams toward critical program milestones starting from the company’s inception in 2016. Prior to that, Ivan had leading and engineering roles in the companies with a broad range of technologies such as: intracardiac pacemaker, therapeutic hypothermia, deep brain stimulation, cryogenic tissue ablation, a cell phone enabled otoscope, and a white blood cell imaging system. Ivan has specialized in bringing early phase projects through development in preparation for FDA submission and human use. Ivan holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Boston University.

      Gregg Miller

      Ultrasound Systems Engineer

      Gregg Miller holds over 30 years of experience in the medical diagnostic ultrasound industry. Gregg’s expertise in frontend hardware design, transducer-system design optimization, image optimization, and ultrasound acoustic field modeling has allowed him to hold leading systems engineering positions at many notable as well as up and coming ultrasound companies such as Siemens, Toshiba, and Delphinus Medical Technologies. At Perceptive Navigation, Miller works with ultrasound system specifications and related validation and verification, IEC60601 regulatory testing and oversight, acoustic modeling and transducer/system design optimization, as well as various image optimization activities. Gregg earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Gregg academic knowledge also includes attending Duke University biomedical engineering with focus in transducer design and acoustic modeling.

      William Derby

      Software Engineer

      William Derby, an embedded software engineer, has over 30 years of expertise in medical and industrial control systems. William is an authority on a variety of hardware and software domains including low-level drivers, hardware design and interfaces, data acquisition, control systems, product development tools, databases, user interface development, and integration of 3rd party libraries. He has immense experience working at a series of medical companies, most notably Siemens, where he was responsible for software development regarding the P10 pocket ultrasound system. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Moravian College.