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    The Perceptive Solution

    Transforming Image Guidance

    Perceptive is developing minimally-invasive, needle-guided solutions for safe
    and cost-effective interventional procedures in the areas of cardiology, interventional radiology,
    interventional oncology and emergency medicine.

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    The Vu-PathTM Ultrasound Guidance System

    Transforming Image Guidance

    The Vu-Path Ultrasound System is Perceptive’s first product. The Vu-PathTM miniaturized catheter integrates ultrasound
    with an interventional channel for safe and effective needle guidance that will initially target the central vascular access market.

Who We Are

About Perceptive Navigation, LLC

Perceptive Navigation, LLC is a Maryland-based medical device company developing solutions for the rapidly growing image-guidance market. The company’s core technology provides for a forward-viewing, image-guided interventional system that seeks to significantly improve both the safety and efficacy of millions of procedures per year in the areas of cardiology, interventional radiology, interventional oncology, and emergency medicine. Perceptive’s first product, the Vu-PathTM Ultrasound Guidance System, will initially be approved for central vascular access, a $1B market in the U.S. alone.

The Problem

Central Vascular Access

Poor Visualization

The image orientation during needle guidance with current ultrasound-guidance systems is not intuitive. The needle is often difficult to visualize and goes in and out of the ultrasound plane. Counterintuitive image orientation is especially difficult for operators who use ultrasound infrequently.

Unacceptable First-Pass Failure Rates

Needle guidance for the jugular, subclavian, or femoral vasculature can be difficult, especially for complicated patients. Poor visualization often results in multiple attempts, which can be uncomfortable for the patient and time consuming for the operator. It may also lead to failure, which requires the patient to be referred to a specialized physician in a surgical suite.

Unacceptable Complications

Poor visualization during central vascular access procedures may also lead to the accidental puncture of nearby structures, such as the lung, bowel, or non-targeted vasculature. Unnecessary complications may require the patient to be treated at the hospital for longer periods of time.

Increased Cost to the Healthcare System

Unacceptable first-pass failure rates and complications are expensive to the healthcare system. Insurance companies may not reimburse for what they view as “never events” or unnecessary complications during central vascular access procedures. Patients may be treated at the hospital for longer periods of time due to complications. Referrals to specialized physicians, such as an interventional radiologist, may take valuable surgical time away from the physician and require expensive surgical equipment.

Our Solution

Vu-PathTM Ultrasound Guidance System

Vu-PathTM is the first percutaneous needle guidance system combining high-resolution, forward-viewing ultrasound imaging technology and interventional access. It provides a precise path to the target site, allowing providers to accurately and efficiently perform minimally-invasive interventional procedures.

Intuitive Image Orientation

Vu-PathTM provides a unique, image orientation compared to other ultrasound systems. Unlike current ultrasound systems, Vu-PathTM provides a forward imaging orientation. This allows an inexperienced ultrasound operator to visualize structures in a natural orientation. They can visualize the structures directly in front of the probe and seamlessly navigate in any direction.

Needle Always in View

The ultrasound probe and the needle channel are integrated and in a fixed position. The ultrasound probe goes wherever the needle goes, providing constant needle visualization. The needle can also be removed and replaced with other interventional tools (e.g. guide wires, catheters) and visualized.

High-frequency, Minimally-Invasive Probe

Our high-frequency Vu-PathTM ultrasound probe provides high resolution images of structures deep within the body. The small aperture probe allows procedures to be conducted minimally-invasively, which reduces unnecessary complications to the patient.

Point-of-Care Procedures

The Vu-PathTM Ultrasound Guidance System allows for skin-to-site procedures at the bedside. It is equipped with a small laptop to display the images from our unique, minimally invasive probe. As a result, expensive staffing and surgical facility requirements are unnecessary.

Decrease Healthcare Costs

Perceptive believes that the Vu-PathTM Ultrasound Guidance System will lead to decreased costs to the healthcare system by 1) Allowing experienced and inexperienced ultrasound operators to successfully cannulate central lines the first time, every time, 2) Reducing unnecessary complications during central vascular access procedures, and 3) Providing a point-of-care solution that avoids using valuable surgical suite time and specialty physicians.

our team

Todd Chappell

M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer

Todd Chappell is the Chief Executive Officer of Perceptive Navigation, LLC, and has been with the company since 2015.

Mike Zipparo

Ph.D., Ultrasound Engineer

Dr. Zipparo has over 30 years of experience in ultrasound array and imaging technology. He previously worked for TETRAD...

Chris Dykes

B.S., Design Engineer

Mr. Dykes is an engineer with over 20 years of expertise and experience with medical device design and fabrication. He has previously...

Pei Zhang

Ph.D., Research Engineer

Dr. Zhang has over 20 years experience with biomedical engineering with a significant amount of expertise related to evaluation of various...

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